Sat. Jul 31st, 2021
College kids walking

Community is what we call our understanding of the world, the relationships that bind us together. But in the recent past it has become more important to address the needs of your community than just what’s happening around you. What are the issues that impact your community and what can you do to make changes?

Whatever the issue, there is an organization that can help. Community organizations have been around for thousands of years but have only recently come into their own as community builders.

There are many reasons for this shift in the community building agenda. Some of these reasons are related to our changing economy, the environment, and the challenges of being part of a fast paced world.

The Environment

Global warming and environmental degradation are two of the biggest challenges facing our planet today. They are significant in our economic and political structures as well. The need to address these issues has created a new focus on global issues.

Environmental leadership has really shifted its focus from ecological issues. Rather than focusing on a single environmental issue, the focus now is to reduce pollution and increase awareness for the environment. Community can play a key role in addressing the environmental issues facing our communities. Some of the most effective solutions include making sure that materials coming into your community are free of toxic chemicals, reducing waste, and recycling.

Economic Development

A lot of people have seen their local businesses to close down or closed to begin with. When the community has experienced economic devastation from a loss of a job, it can take some time to get back on track.

Economic development is still very difficult in many parts of the country. Communities can play a huge role in creating economic growth in their area.


  • Community colleges can help communities build their local economies by allowing them to specialize in certain fields.
  • The community college can offer a degree in manufacturing to those who would otherwise not have a job in that field.