Sat. Jul 31st, 2021
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SEO consulting services give your team and business an easy, hassle-free consulting relationship. From the initial meeting to the implementation of new SEO strategies, every step of the process is carried out with attention to detail, and transparency. SEO consulting services provide what you need (and want) from an SEO consulting engagement. It is a turnkey service that makes receiving advice and answers to your SEO questions easy. A consulting service provides:

An SEO consultant will provide you with an SEO evaluation and report that identify your current ranking and key areas for improvement. The SEO consultant will also conduct a thorough keyword analysis. This includes analyzing the competitive environment, analyzing the keywords on your website, analyzing your links and content, and identifying your most important keywords. A new consultant will then develop a personalized strategy based on these factors. Finally, the consultant will implement your strategy and monitor it using web analytics tools.

With SEO consulting, you can be confident in your own SEO knowledge as well as in the knowledge that your marketing consultant will deliver quality recommendations. SEO consulting companies have a proven track record of delivering top-notch SEO consulting results and solutions. As a client, you can be confident in their expertise and high quality service. Your consultant will work closely with you to develop a customized plan of action to meet your individual business needs.

Consultants will work with you to identify the right keywords that best describe your products and services.

These keywords should be relevant to your target audience, and there are several keyword research tools available to analyze your competitors and find out what keywords they are using. Once keywords are identified, the SEO analyst will create a list of keywords related to your business that offer the highest level of visibility online. Keywords can be competitive or non-competitive, depending on how you wish to market your product. The consultant may even recommend certain keywords that are less competitive and more useful to your business.

An SEO consultant’s job is not complete until they have developed a comprehensive SEO audit plan.

The audit will be divided into two main sections, the on-page and off-page elements. On-page audits will focus on searching techniques used by consumers, such as title tags and keywords. These methods help the client achieve top rankings in the major search engines. Off-page audits look at link building strategies, page optimization and content optimization.

On-page audits are often conducted before the SEO consultant begins working with clients. Once rankings have been established, the consultant will continue to evaluate them periodically using various criteria, such as competitor analysis and changes in Google algorithms. Analysis of competitors can reveal tactics competitors may use to beat the system, such as strategically placing ads in wrong places on the same site, creating duplicate domains and using specific keywords that coincide with competitors. A competitor analysis can reveal any unethical behavior by competitors. Other actions, such as buying targeted traffic and pay per click campaigns, could also serve as an opportunity for an SEO audit.

Off-page audits, however, are more important than competitor research.

  • This section of the audit determines the effectiveness of the strategic planning process, including the creation of an SEO marketing strategy and an effective link structure.
  • This section will focus on creating quality backlinks, which are important for Search Engine Optimization.
  • SEO consulting companies will provide actionable recommendations, which the marketing consultant can implement immediately to improve a site’s ranking.

Some consulting firms offer both on and off-page SEO audits. SEO consultants can also offer integrated audits, which combine on-page and off-page strategies for the client’s website. By utilizing a combination of on-site and off-site SEO services, many companies are able to achieve their business goals faster. To get started with an SEO audit, contact a web consulting firm today.