Tue. Jun 22nd, 2021
racers lining up

What is the fastest way to run your fastest 5k? That is one of the big questions that every runner faces each year.

If you have been training for a marathon or other long distance races, you know that it takes many weeks of constant effort. This includes diet, water, recovery, rest, and strengthening. To run the fastest you need to do all these things at once, which is the secret of making your time faster.

The first way to increase your speed and make your fastest time faster is to learn how to stay fresh. You may have heard of the term “digesting”, which basically means not eating too much of something to make yourself feel full. Eating can make you lethargic and make you less focused on your race.

This is why it is important to eat the right fuel.

So what fuel do you need to eat to improve your running ability? Muscle glycogen is a great source of energy and that is why I recommend you take a supplement with it, as that is my favorite kind of workout nutrition. As with any supplement, take one after every workout and a couple before every workout.

That is a quick read, but there are more ideas here. Start with a treadmill. Yes, you can use a track or a road or in the case of road running you might run uphill on the treadmill. When you run on the treadmill, you are running through a natural g-force where your heart is pumping even harder, Which makes it much easier to go faster.

Think about this for a second.

With a track, your body is not accelerating to make your speed up and over the course of the run, you are slowing down. This allows you to run faster because you are using only your legs and not using your arms and back like with road running.

Track is different from road running, so when you run on the track you must use your legs a lot more to get over obstacles and get faster. In fact, I would encourage you to incorporate treadmill running as a part of your weekly routine. By running on the treadmill, you are strengthening your legs and improving your workout nutrition.

A great idea would be to find a treadmill that can be set up in your driveway so you can run on it anytime you want. Of course you will have to have some sort of running shoes or a pair of running shoes that are comfortable. But the best part is that you can run your fastest time, enjoy it, and look good at the same time.

If you have a faster runner in your family, this is a great idea.

  • You could always ask them to join you on the treadmill, they won’t have any issues with it. Or you could just have them join you in a group.
  • Of course, when you combine all the above factors, the run your fastest 5k time is a very real possibility.
  • Your mileage will increase and you will be much more prepared and ready for the race.