Sat. Jul 31st, 2021
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Microsoft Exchange Server is a proprietary web-based contact, calendar, e-mail and scheduling platform. It is mainly deployed on the Windows Server environment (OS) for enterprise use. Microsoft designed Exchange Server as a way to provide users with access to their messaging platform from various computer systems, mobile devices and even web-based applications. Exchange Server is the central repository for all your organization’s email, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, forms and attachments. The organization will benefit from the benefits of an IT support services provider that handles the installation, configuration and maintenance of this server system.

Organizations today are faced with a number of tasks including managing the enterprise wide web resources like installing antivirus software, performing daily backup and handling the daily load of new emails. To meet these challenges, the IT professional needs to implement Microsoft Exchange Server with these advanced solutions. Microsoft Exchange offers a number of advantages over web-based applications like e-mail. For example, Microsoft Exchange Server helps you manage your subscription renewals, requests for Outlook items and calendar, manage your tasks, track your tasks, organize your contacts, and manage your tasks in one place. It also provides complete integration with Microsoft SharePoint, Business Center and other popular business applications like MSN, Yahoo and Hotmail.

Microsoft SharePoint is an integrated platform that helps organizations to store, manage and search corporate information online.

Hotmail is a free e-mail service offered by Microsoft. It works through Microsoft Exchange Server. MS Exchange Server works as the central location for sending and receiving data and application events. If your organization uses Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft exchange hosting for the deployment of mail servers or POP3 servers then it is very important that your choice of hosting server provider is based on reliability, scalability, and cost.

Microsoft SharePoint is an enterprise-class platform that is designed to improve collaboration and boost performance and accommodate loads of clients. Microsoft SharePoint Server offers superior scalability, performance, reliability and security and is the best choice for managing information in an information-rich environment. It is also ideal for load balancing and is best for e-commerce websites. Microsoft SharePoint can be incorporated with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Office 365 suites and is considered as an ideal platform for business application delivery.

Microsoft Lync is a fast, versatile and easy-to-use conferencing tool that offers advanced capabilities for managing video and audio conferencing. Microsoft Lync is one of the biggest reasons for the increase in demand for Microsoft Lync Consulting services. Microsoft Lync is also available in various versions for small, mid-size and large business enterprises and provides high availability, scalability, manageability and flexibility for connecting with customers. Microsoft Lync Server runs on the Windows Server platform and provides highly scalable, simplified collaboration.

Microsoft Exchange Server first released in late 95 and was one of the world’s first email servers.

It was meant for organizations that required an efficient and robust system for sending and receiving large amounts of mail. Exchange Server has many functions including centralized inbox, mailbox management, mailbox recovery and auto response. Exchange Server also includes the Microsoft Exchange Mobile Platform (MIMP) which is an interface tool for the Microsoft Exchange Server.

Microsoft has recently announced two updates – MS Exchange Server 2021 and Microsoft Exchange Server (Meadow) 2021 – that will be released later this year. These two updates are the first release of Microsoft Exchange Server since the very early years of its existence. MS Exchange Server 2021 will include new features like Microsoft Outlook Web Access, Microsoft Lotus Calendar, Microsoft Sharepoint Online, Microsoft Business Center, Microsoft Dynamics GP and MS PowerPoint Online. It will also include the functionality improvements that have been brought about by the changes made to the ActiveSync OST file format, the changes introduced to Microsoft Exchange Server (MES) and the additions of Microsoft Exchange Server (MES) Manager and Microsoft Exchange Writer.

The first thing that you will need to do is download Microsoft Exchange Server (EX) and the Microsoft Exchange Mobile Platform (MEMP) from Microsoft’s official website. Once you have downloaded these, you can now install them on your machine by following the prompts.

  • Since they are managed versions of Microsoft Exchange, these tools need to be installed on your machine as well.
  • You can easily download these two tools from the Microsoft site and install on your computer by following the prompts.
  • After installation is complete, you can then install the Microsoft Outlook plug-in and the Microsoft Outlook Express plug-in.