Sat. Jul 31st, 2021
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In today’s politically correct world, nonprofits are generally assumed to be devoted to the poor. But sometimes, they’re actually devoted to other causes besides helping the poor.

Nonprofits exist to help make life better for people in general

Often, they’re not even concerned with the financial concerns of their particular causes.

Nonprofits are not charities. But they sometimes help raise money for a particular cause. But even that’s not all they do.

There are other causes and charities where nonprofits are sometimes helpful. One well-known example is the Red Cross. But there are many others too.

Nonprofits also exist to help children get a better education

It’s rare for a nonprofit to give free government money to support education for children, but sometimes it does happen.

The FairMormon Foundation is a non profit organization that provides help for the elderly. They also care for the poor. If you do an online search on the FairMormon Foundation, you’ll find links to some of their services.

Another example of a non-profit charity is Habitat for Humanity. They donate homes to families who are in need. They also provide tutoring and other support services.

A third example of a non-profit charity is Habitat for Humanity International. The International Association of Fund Raisers is another example. It was started by Catholic laypeople in 1963 and since then has grown from the original group to include many other groups.

  • Many of these types of charities also help with other kinds of charitable work.
  • Some of them specialize in animal welfare, helping orphaned children and domestic animals, while others concentrate on providing help for people in other countries.
  • All have their own purposes and goals.

Charity Navigator, which rates charities and recognizes best practices in the industry, lists about 130 charities in the United States alone. There are many other groups that meet this criteria. You can find about 300 groups in this category.

Philanthropic groups sometimes receive government funding as well. Often they get money from private foundations and from other philanthropic groups.